Come on vacation to Nusa Penida Bali. So many tourist attractions. Famous for its unique and beautiful tourism objects. Lembongan Penida Tour introduces the 2020 Nusa Penida Tour Package. Welcomes 2020 by visiting Nusa Penida Island.

We are constantly updating information regarding Nusa Penida tourism. You can enjoy the latest spots. The mushrooming of the latest destinations. Places to eat and lodging are constantly popping up.

The Nusa Penida 2020 Tour Package offers a practical and more efficient vacation. We have many tour packages, starting from Nusa Penida One Day Trip, Nusa Penida Open Trip, or Nusa Penida Tour 1 day with low prices.

For package stay there is a tour of Nusa Penida 1 day 1 night. Nusa Penida tour package 2 days 1 night. 3 days 2 nights tour package. It’s not enough to explore Nusa Penida Island, just one day.

However, due to time constraints, tourists must choose the Nusa Penida Private Tour package for 1 day. In 2020, we created a tourism program called Nusa Penida Bali Open Trip.

The Nusa Penida Bali Open Trip Package is designed for those who want to visit Nusa Penida. For a full day without unlimited tour participants. Even though you are alone, you can still enjoy the beauty of Nusa Penida Island.

Nusa Penida Tour Package 2020

There are two types of Nusa Penida 2020 Tour Packages. Namely the Nusa Penida Private Tour package and Non Private / Sharing. Private tours guarantee your privacy more. Because each trip, only you and what you take in the car.

While Non-Private is more open trip. In one car you will be joined by other tour participants. Non Private prices are certainly cheaper than private tours. For example the price of a private tour for 1 person is charged 750,000.

While sharing / non-private costs 350,000 / person. However, you are required to book this Sharing package, one week before the trip. For facilities between private and sharing, all the same there is no difference.

Here is a list of Nusa Penida 2020 Tour Packages

Nusa Penida Open Trip IDR 350,000 / pax. Includes a round trip fastboat ticket, BBM driver car, lunch at Restotan, Welcome drink and no additional costs. Participants start at 1 person and are unlimited.

Nusa Penida One Day Trip / Nusa Penida Tour 1 day. This package is specifically for private tour packages, with prices per person starting at IDR. 750,000. Complete facilities with meeting points at Sanur Pier with all included since pick up hotel in the morning until drop off back in afternoon after finish tour.

Nusa Penida Tour 2 days 1 night. Tour package prices start at IDR. 1,600,000 / pax. Already included everything. The number of participants is more and more cheaper. You can visit all the western and eastern tourist attractions.

Nusa Penida Tour Package 3 days 2 nights. Package prices can be consulted. To be sure the number of participants affects the price. We make sure to provide standard and economical prices. The best guaranteed and satisfying service. Money back guarantee.

One Day Trip plus Snorkeling prices start at IDR. 1,100,000 / pax. Enjoy the tour while snorkeling with only 1 day.

2 days 1 night tour package plus snorkeling. Prices start at 1,800,000 / pax. The more participants the cheaper.

3 day 2 night tour package plus snorkeling. Specifically for this package, please contact our contact. The tour is private.

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